Lip Injections

Get the Look You Deserve

With Lip Injections in Calgary

Luscious, radiant, kissable, divine. With our lip injections in Calgary, you’ll find yourself with voluptuous lips that naturally enhance your features, bringing out perfect symmetry, balance and magnetizing beauty. Our experts utilize smoother and softer products for your lips, resulting in long-lasting, natural-looking results while offering a tailored process designed around your personal desires. 

No Downtime

Although you might experience some minor symptoms, lip injections come with little to no downtime, meaning you can go on with your day, looking more radiant than ever.

Add Volume

From subtle volume adjustments to the youthful plumpness and the defining ‘pout’, you’ll enjoy natural volumization the way you want it.

Firm Skin

Our lip injections work similarly to our dermal fillers; they replace collagen and volume, adding firmer and tighter skin on and around your lips.

Relatively Painless

A pinch and some tenderness afterwards are all you’ll feel! We employ a delicate and fine touch during treatment and offer local anesthetic.

Immediate Results

You’ll enjoy fuller, volume-infused lips immediately after treatment. You can expect to enjoy these luscious lips for up to 6 months!

Smooths Wrinkles

Because lip injections in Calgary are implanted under the skin, it results in a smoothing out process that means softer skin with no wrinkles and fine lines!

Our lip injections can enhance your lip shape with fullness and volume

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At Venus Medi Spa, we strive to release your natural beauty through positive aging solutions, empowering your self-confidence and enhancing your personal health and well-being. You’ll experience tailored treatment and expert advice, all within the confines of our welcoming, luxurious and boutique clinic. Together, we’ll bring out your powerful inner goddess.

Pre-Treatment Prep

Pre-Treatment Prep

Try to refrain from using anti-inflammatory medications two weeks before the treatment (unless your primary physician deems otherwise), as it increases the risk of bruising. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking 24 hours before the treatment. Please inform our team if you have a history of medication allergies or other medical conditions.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-Treatment Care

You should expect the areas of injections to be red, slightly swollen and bruised for a few weeks. Applying our topical cream and a cold compress to the areas (with minimal pressure) can reduce swelling. Avoid strenuous exercise and hot showers/spas for the remainder of the treatment day.

Everyone is different, with various personal goals and desires. Upon discussion with our skincare experts, we’ll determine how many injections are required. 

Treatment usually takes around 20 minutes. This is due to the treatment area being small and localized compared to microneedling, where the area can be larger. As for results, they normally last between 6 to 12 months. Everyone, though, experiences varying results.

You will most experience some slight redness, swelling and bruising at the injection site, which should last for about a few days to a week. You will most likely NOT experience any adverse reaction to the injection, as hyaluronic acid – the key ingredient in lip fillers – is a substance already found in the human body, which greatly reduces the risk of rejection.

The final price ranges from the type of lip filler you use (Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Kyss or many others) and the number of injections. We’ll provide you with a clear estimate when we have our free consultation together.

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